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About the HILLs Fellowship

The HILLs (Himalayan Institute of Live Learnings) Fellowship is an eleven-month fully immersive trans-disciplinary postgraduate programme, which brings together individuals who are passionate about tackling the challenges faced by the Hindu Kush-Himalayas and the other mountain ranges of the world. The selection for the fellowship is highly competitive with limited seats and the candidates are selected on the basis of their interest, solution-mindedness and the vision (“Big Idea”) that they wish to work upon during their stay in the fellowship.

The program is focused on the two main courses of Sustainable Tourism and Responsive Buildings with plenary courses in Applied Ecology and Social Entrepreneurship. The Responsive Buildings fellows will learn about construction techniques that use natural materials whereas, the Sustainable Tourism fellows will learn about development of responsible and sustainable tourism. Water conservation and ecological restoration solutions will also be taught simultaneously in order for the learners to better tackle larger environmental problems.