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Pre-course Supplementary

To ensure that the pre-requisite skills acquired by each learner/candidate are at par with their peers.
To be typically administered in a month.

April 2019 - May 2019 (6 weeks):

1) Core: This module is to develop agency in the learners with:

• One life skill • One technical skill • Inner development • Social development

2) Plenary Course in Mountain Ecology & Entrepreneurship

The course in Ecology would give an even foundation to all learners on practical mountain ecology, the threats and opportunities, value of the ecosystem for us, for nature and the economy.
This course in Entrepreneurship is intended to prepare the learners to start-up or manage enterprises (i.e., sustainable tourism or habitat enterprises)

June 2019 - Nov 2019 (24 weeks)

Responsible Tourism/ Sustainable Habitats (Electives)

This is the main elective; the sustainable tourism alumni should be able to start-up and run travel companies and manage small hotels and home stays; while the sustainable habitat alumni should be able to design and supervise the construction of a simple building, suited to the location and climate.

Dec 2019 - Feb 2020

Project/Thesis/Dissertation/Work experience

This project work is included to test and refine the skills of the learners and to challenge them to apply their learnings to the real world; this work can be undertaken any time within 5 years of completing the previous
course modules.

March 2020

Assessment and Graduation