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Earning while learning

During the months when the students are working on their Experiential Learning Projects (ELPs), they will get the opportunity to work on their own (either individually or in teams) where they will earn by setting up their own enterprises. The team at the University will help the fellows in setting up these enterprises.

This model develops an entrepreneurial outlook in the students themselves and carries on the vision of HIAL to create social entrepreneurs.

The fourth term of the HILLs fellowship would be the “Experiential Learning Project (ELP)” wherein the fellows will finalize their project or the “Big Idea” that they have been working on for the entire year. This will comprise an 8-week long internship in December and January and a 4-week long ELP breaks during the winters designated exclusively for ELP work.

The ELP serves as an effective platform for the fellows to pursue their “Big Idea” and also to actively create solutions for the mountain communities. Fellows also learn strategic thinking, design thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, communication skills, project management, planning, and execution through the implementation of their ELPs.

The objectives of these projects are to:

  • Help the fellows to achieve their Big Idea.
  • Actively engage with people on the field and also the local communities.
  • Develop indigenous sustainable solutions for the mountain regions.
  • Develop their collaborative and leadership skills.
  • Empower the local communities in the process.
  • Learn about their own selves and bond with their co-fellows and mentors.