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  • ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND LEADERSHIP – The course aims to train future entrepreneurs and leaders who will take up social initiatives and find innovative solutions for the betterment of the community.


  • MULTI AND TRANS DISCIPLINARY- In addition to bringing together people from different fields and backgrounds, this curriculum will provide you with the tools to identify problems unique to mountain communities and find solutions to these issues. You will also live in harmony with nature by working on live projects like water management and valley restoration.


  • FACULTY AND GUEST LECTURES- The learners will be taught by local and international facilitators with excellent teaching and research credentials. In parallel, they will be exposed to distinguished and inspirational guest lecturers.


  • APPLIED LIFE SKILLS- In addition to academics, life skills such as gardening, cooking, driving, self-awareness, inter-personal skills, etc. will also be developed.


  • EXCHANGE PROGRAM- Selected learners will be sent to lead and assist national and international projects.


  • MANAGING AND HANDLING REAL LIFE PROJECTS- HIAL will focus on experiential learning and finding real time solutions to real life problems