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HELM is a three months long course designed to empower and equip youth leaders from and working in Ladakh and other mountain regions. The main objective of the program is to prepare individuals to be capable social/ political/ entrepreneurial leaders in the region. HELM provides a learning community of young committed individuals, who have a mission to create some impact in their regions. Through the journey of rigorous learning experience, participants will nurture (3Hs) the heads, hearts and the hands to be the leaders of the future.
This course will contain online contact lessons, self-driven project work and a tour.


Who is it for?
It is for young committed individuals with a mission to create impact in Ladakh or other mountain regions such as Indian Himalayas, Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim, North Eastern India and similar Pahari areas.
This is a nomination based course. We encourage organisations/individuals to nominate candidates from their region.


  1. Any Ladakhi professional anywhere in the country and abroad
  2. Individuals with a desire/motivation to create an impact/change in Ladakh
  3. Individuals who question status quo
  4. Individuals who can devote 4-5 hours daily through the course (includes contact lessons + project work).


Learning Outcomes 
This course is an opportunity to increase your understanding and capacity to lead throughout your career:
  • Self-Awareness is a key element to understand and manage oneself, so that we can also understand and lead others.
  • Understanding and learning to work in a team will be a key component of the course.
  • To recognise and understand the use of power
  • To excel the art of persuasion using ethical means
  • To learn and grow in a cohort of committed young individuals to be a principled leaders
  • Learning to be a strategic leader which involves knowing to involve the right kind of people and knowing what others are planning while incorporating diverse information and perspectives.
  • To increase your capacity at all levels to enhance your performance, competence and skill.


Session would include understanding the context that is Ladakh, its issues and challenges, Studying about various world leaders who changed the world & analysing their Leadership Styles, Understanding Governance, Diplomacy, Statecraft & International Relations, Rethinking Economy, Social Leadership, Technological leadership, Military Leadership, Economic Leadership, Role of Liberal Education in Leadership, Role of Philosophy in Political Leadership among others. Parallel experiential modules will focus on the development of various leadership and life skills like the art of persuasion, negotiation, communication, critical thinking etc. as it is Personal transformation that is the basis of Social Transformation.


In addition there would be several thought leaders and experts who would address the students from time to time in the form of guest lectures.
Finally the course will have a “Big Idea” implementation as a practical and experiential learning component where the students will identify an impact area close to their hearts and will work on it  throughout the course.


Course Fees 
The fee for this course is Rs 12,000 per individual.


Grading and attendance
Grading: The grades are awarded on the assignments designed as per 3H principles i.e. 4 credits for hand, 3 credits for head and 3 credits for heart. Maximum credits received are 10.
Attendance:  90 percent attendance is mandatory.
Students shall be awarded the certificate only on the completion of the course with required marks.


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