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HIAL Summer School

HIAL Summer School is a rigorous hands-on learning experience of Ladakhi higher secondary and graduate level students. The batch strength comprises small workshops modules on various topics that HIAL work on conducted by our fine departments head and guest faculties. Each module will have a section which will introduce to the students about the short courses and the master program of the same field.

Learner profile
This program is designed for Ladakhi from 12th standard to graduate level students who are seeking career possibilities.

Eligibility criteria
Ladakhi participants with higher Secondary and Graduate level degrees.

Course Fee
The summer camp fee will be Rs 2000/-

Program Content
The program will run for 10 days and end with a study trip. The program is a boot camp-like model where participants will be introduced to a plethora of courses and work areas of the Himalayan Institute of Alternatives, Ladakh.



Eco-responsive Buildings

 We call this the HIAL’s flagship course since we have long been into this domain from our SECMOL experiences, we are among the pioneers of passive solar buildings in Ladakh. We attempt to educate the youths of Ladakh with our construction technique which is contextual, this will be a very compressive yet comprehensive version of our eco-responsive building course with a detailed presentation on energy studies of the same buildings conducted by our energy team.


HIAL Innovation Lab

Our contextual based Innovations is what distinguish us from conventional universities. Through this module we intend to boost innovation among our students at HIAL and learn from our innovations like  ice stupa and solar buildings. This module will involve creativity and innovation theory with an elaborative exposure to all the innovations at HIAL like, Ice Stupa, Solar tent, Lifi and passive solar buildings components.

Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship has throughout been one of the foundation courses at HIAL. It will cover innovation, entrepreneurship and social innovations to different peculiar problems of our times. Learners will be introduced to the social enterprise wings of HIAL and the world with an immersive session from our enterprises heads and business leaders.

Youth Leadership

This will be a compressed version of HIAL Experiential Leadership Module  (HELM) for the duration of 3 days where learners will get exposed to various kinds of leadership types with guest sessions with few of the most inspiring leaders in their domain. We aim to motivate and encourage young Ladakhi to lead the new formed union territory of Ladakh into the future creating an example to rest of the country.

Responsible Tourism

As tourism is one of the main contributors of Ladakhi’s economy, this will be a compressed version of a three months responsible tourism course where learners will be taught by our lead faculty and vibrant guest speakers from the field. Our Himalayan Farmstay is an enterprise wing of the Tourism Department as well as the live lab for our tourism students, we also won outlook responsible tourism award 2019 for the same.