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HIAL is working towards greening its 120-acre campus through native and drought-tolerant plants plantation. For this, we have identified the native vegetation of Ladakh and are sourcing the planting material from various places. We are also setting up a nursery & a seed bank which will make us self-reliant in terms of Saplings & Seeds over the next 2 years. Thereafter, we are also working on documenting ‘Plants of Ladakh; in terms of propagation techniques and seed availability. With this, we will be able to utilize our lessons from this project for desert greening initiatives of HIAL and later on to grow multiple forests across different regions of Ladakh.

Along with this, the plantation department will also train the local youths in projects such as valley greening, nursery development, apple orchards, and composting. These research varied techniques that would be useful for this region. 

Admissions Timelines
(To be announced)

Interns will learn:

  1. Understand the list of plants that are found in the wild and cultivated in Ladakh so far, therefore understanding the flora of Ladakh.
  2. Understand the global climate change issues impacting the world, especially Ladakh, and the contribution of plantation or desert greening in solving the main issue.
  3. Research about the specific plant and hands-on training of cutting propagation, sowing etc to develop one’s own nursery development.
  4. Learn about the resource (Autumn leaves) recycling and reuse. Its significance and how it can be practiced as a solution to address the local people’s problem and thereby environmental protection.
  5. Broaden their possible contribution to a healthy mind and healthy lifestyle for a secure life sustainably.
  6. Be trained as the next generation of enviro-preneurs with holistic ideas about ways to create change in their communities and the world.


Minimum 10 + 2 / Graduate in plant science candidates (Since our institute is based on experiential learning, candidates having an interest in plantation and environmental-related studies/practice). 

Fellowship structure

  1. Total duration: 3 months. 
  2. Plantation intern includes Hands-on practice (Learning by doing) on land development, nursery raising, transplantation techniques, etc.
  3. Exposures to different institutes and farms related to their area of interest.
  4. Weekly and end of the project presentation/meeting/report writing to check their level of understanding.  

For queries or further information, write to us at: