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Guiding Course for Responsible Wilderness Trekking


Adventure and trekking based tourism is back, old ways of conducting treks needs a shift to conducting responsible trekking services. People who were already into the business after covid 19 imposed-break forced them to opt for alternative livelihood opportunities. This course aims to prepare individuals who will pioneer “the next phase of adventure tourism in Ladakh” as leaders in the tourism industry.

About the course
Responsible  Wilderness Trekking course is a 2 months course on developing responsible treks, tours and training responsible young individuals to execute these programs. Learners will be instructed in the development of responsible and sustainable tourism practices and enterprises in and around the Himalayan and Trans-Himalayan regions.They will learn to tackle the problems that arise from mass tourism and receive guidance in inclusive tourism–bringing the tourism economy to rural areas that are remote and haven’t benefited from the travel economy yet.
The primary aim of this course is to understand the negative impacts of the conventional tourism industry and bring about changes through sustainable, responsible, innovative solutions. The course is designed to give a clear insight into the consequences of tourism planning and policymaking on the environment, society, culture, and the economy. During the program, we offer students both theoretical and practical knowledge.

Learning objectives
HIAL courses teach responsible tourism and leadership skills in the  field and in classrooms. Students have the opportunity for a positive, transformational experience and leave our program inspired and empowered to act.
We prepare our graduates to take leadership roles in responsible tourism. Prepare them with the skills and mindset to collaborate with others on expeditions, teams and communities; care for themselves and others; understand their habits, function under difficult circumstances; make informed and thoughtful decisions; communicate effectively and manage conflict; and appreciate living simply.


Learner profile
The program is designed for individuals willing to steer the next phase of adventure tourism in Ladakh.

Eligibility criteria
Ladakhi candidate with 10+2 and above with interest or experience in the field.

Course structure

  • Critique of tourism as a business and its impact on communities & environment
  • Reccing and developing new trekking itineraries. 
  • Online Marketing.
  • Event Management & Logistics.
  • Travel Agency Management.
  • Business Planning.
  • Conducting responsible trekkings in Ladakh. 

The students will receive hands-on experiential learning through working on the Live Treks organized and conducted by HIAL. This includes designing and conducting eco-friendly itineraries & treks, setting up and running the mountaineering Institute, and so on. Cultural and educational experiences will be organized during the course, which will encourage the students to curate and conduct. Upon completing this course, learners will be ready to start rural tourism projects in their mountain regions and places of interest.
The lecture and field trips are mandatory for all the participants enrolled.

List of collaborators
– Himalayan Farmstay 

– Himalayan Eco-tourism 

– Journey with Meanings 

Course stipend
There will be component of stipend of Rs 7000/-

Note: Accommodation and commute costs to campus to be borne by participants.