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Live Simply

Live Simply’, is a crowd-sourcing initiative, but it does not source your money. It aims at restoring the planet’s trust on us. It aims at sourcing your pledges in order to make this planet a better place to live in. It is always easier to pay and be a part of a campaign, but it is way more difficult to introspect and make a behavioral change, however minute it is.  Live Simply is an initiative that encourages you to pledge to be responsible and stop participating in unsustainable practices which have subconsciously become a part of your day to day life and is impairing the beauty and productivity of this abundant land by endangering its natives. These pledges in turn would be monetized in terms of the carbon footprints and its corresponding value. You would be surprised to know the amount of money you have saved just by making a small change in your lifestyle.

We are inviting for partnerships from various individuals and organisations like influencers, celebrities, schools & colleges, media, philanthropists, environmentalists, tech organisations, data analytical experts, industries and anyone who believe they can contribute, to hold our hands and be a part of this initiative from the beginning.

It is not too late. The earth is asking for your commitment. We are just providing you the platform to start. This new year, let us pass with flying colours. Commit, pledge and make a difference. We have started, hope that you too would start soon…