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Valley Greening

HIAL is undertaking the ambitious valley greening and afforestation project wherein Ice Stupas will be utilised to create a water supply for the spring season to plant trees using a mix of innovative techniques and methods. Trenches and swells will be created and filled with sand that will act as water retention barriers in an increased precipitation scenario. These trenches will also increase ground moisture retention capacity. The plantation will be done in these trenches which will help in greening the valley as prolonged greening will naturally increase the water retention capacity of the soil and further increase greening capability. Identifying native species and using them for plantation ensures that plants don’t use too much water.

Frequent floods due to loose soil, lack of vegetation and cloud bursts damage houses and crops. Water retention on account of vegetation cover will help in mitigating disasters such as leaching of nutrients from the soil, water run-off and damage to house and property in the event of floods or severe rainfalls.