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vision & mission


HIAL aims to develop Ladakh into a benchmark for a sustainable economic living for the mountain world, where all children receive a meaningful education that prepares them for a life of dignity in harmony with nature.


Create a transformative educational experience for students by inculcating in them the practice of learning via the practical application of knowledge.

Foster an environment of responsible entrepreneurship.

Establish Centers of Excellence to showcase innovative approaches to education and the environment.

Enable sustainable and locally embedded development within mountain societies.


HIAL aims to break away from conventional thinking and encourage every student to explore their potential and entrepreneurial capacity.
HIAL will embrace traditional wisdom and cultural knowledge to facilitate sustainable development in mountain communities.
HIAL will adopt a collaborative approach in research and will facilitate learning through partnerships with diverse institutions and individuals.
HIAL aims to reform the model of higher education, developing responsible citizens as well as encouraging the direct application of knowledge to solve community challenges.
All innovation and research will be aimed at transforming lives in the mountain ecosystem. Additionally, the campus will be eco-friendly and self-sufficient with zero-waste, zero-energy, and almost zero outside food dependency.