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Himalayan Institute of Alternatives, Ladakh (HIAL) is thrilled to welcome all types of volunteers. We believe volunteers are one of the most important propagators of living simply to them. There is an ample number of opportunities at HIAL and its teams. One can browse through the details in the following section.


  • The Opportunity

HIAL is a place to work on projects related to sustainability in domains as wide as energy, ice stupa, plantation, communication, construction, as well as tourism. Volunteers can explore Ladakh both culturally and professionally. 


  • Volunteering Details
  1. Each team has a specific criterion of selection followed by two rounds of interviews by the HR and team coordinator. Before applying, please fill out the online form and attach a detailed CV for due consideration with a Statement of Purpose, stating what the individual can contribute to the team/project.
  2. The average duration for volunteering at HIAL is 2 weeks and extends up to depending on the project’s requirements.


  • Boarding & Lodging
  1. Accommodation would be provided in HIAL’s hostel in the picturesque village of Phyang village.
  2. Volunteers will need to pay Rs 800 – Rs 1000 a day towards their boarding, lodging, and other allied costs.
  3. Travel expenses shall be borne by volunteers.

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