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HIAL aims to reform the model of higher education by developing responsible citizens as well as encouraging the direct application of knowledge to solve community challenges. We empower innovators who will tackle these challenges and be the architects of the future for the Himalayan region. Our aim is to create a transformative educational experience (3R to 3H).

Learn by doing

Move away from classroom learning as you IMBIBE the local culture and traditional knowledge while you work and learn alongside the local people in Ladakh. We believe in education that enriches both the body and mind.

Collaborative Teaching

Students learn not only from academicians and industry experts but also from the local practitioners who are actually facing the challenges we want to tackle for the himalayan region

Integrating traditional wishdom with technology

We develop sustainable models such as natural earth building passive solar houses and other such unique models that are efficient eco-friendly have low carbon footprint and draw from traditional knowledge.


November 5, 2018

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